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INTRO TO TRX: is a great place to start if you have never taken a TRX class before. Our instructors will guide you through the set up and basic TRX moves. After you have learned how to do the basic exercises you are ready for the next level, TRX. (All Levels)

TRX FLEX- Our newest addition to the TRX family is primarily designed improve your posture, increase range of motion and build greater stability from head to toe.  You will be taken through a series of active stretches and static poses that will open muscles and connective tissue in the arms, legs, core, back, shoulders and neck. Designed for any level of fitness, this program is perfect for professional athletes and beginner fitness enthusiasts alike-anyone who wants to get back the length of muscle and ease of movement your body needs for peak performance and health and to feel better day in, day out.

TRX BODY BLAST: Build overall strength and endurance with this highly efficient Suspension Training program. Body Blast is set to music, where you spend the entire time using the TRX. (All levels)

TRX/BOOTCAMP: is the most popular TRX class that uses ropes, kettlebells and other various items of equipment.

TRX: is a strength focused class based on reps, tempo and form. TRX class engages all of your muscles in a non-stop workout. This class will build overall strength, balance and flexibility while also giving you a good cardio workout.
(All Levels )

TRX PERFORMANCE: Is a challenging workout using kettle bells, ropes, sandbags and more with faster transitions than TRX. TRX performance will help push you to train like a pro. (Intermediate to Advanced) ONE INTRO TO TRX CLASS IS REQUIRED BEFORE ATTENDING TRX PERFORMANCE!








TRX® – Challenge Your Body to the Core

Born in the US Navy Seals and developed by Fitness Anywhere Suspension Training®, TRX® is a revolutionary method of exercise that benefits people of all ages and fitness levels.

TRX® training allows you to leverage the power of your own body weight to build overall body strength and increase cardiovascular stamina. By engaging both the upper and lower body muscles, TRX® utilizes core control, balance, and flexibility through a heart-pumping series of constant transitions. Participants are able to control the intensity of their work out using their own body weight in relation to the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, which can be easily adapted as their fitness improves. TRX® equipment accommodates hundreds of different exercises and positions so your work out will constantly challenge your body in new ways. Each session is different, challenging, and fun.
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After giving birth to my son, workouts using the TRX helped me get back to the LPGA Tour in just eight weeks. Not only are the workouts intense, which helped me to regain clubhead speed, the functionality allows me to get great workouts anywhere.

Laura Diaz,
LPGA Player

I love TRX! I have a back injury that I have been recovering from. The TRX system takes the pressure off of my back and it actually feels better after the session. I've done about five sessions on the TRX and the results are amazing! It's a totally different workout. In a 45-minute session I burn around 440 calories. That's a lot of calories for 45 minutes. I'm seeing more definition in my abs most of all, but even so in my arms and back. And as a side note — The TBP crew, or family as most of us have come to call them, are some of the most wonderful, caring people I've met! They're not just our trainers, they've become our friends and family all in one!

Niki McKinney
Local resident

The TRX is a great conditioning tool for tennis players. You can do all your strength, power, flexibility and core workouts in an extremely efficient way. You never get bored because the possibilities are limitless. Wish it had been around when I was competing.

Robin White
National coach and US Open Doubles Champion

TRX is such a great method of working the full body. It targets every inch of your body. It builds your cardio, tones muscles, defines muscles and strengths. It is AWESOME!!! I also go to TBP's Boot Camp and love it, the TRX is just another extension of what TBP has to offer. I have lost 40 pounds since I have been with TBP. This has greatly changed my life for the better. I'm healthier, have more energy, sleep better and eat correctly. Tracy Page, Kenny York and Ryan Neel are great instructors, without them I would still be in my house, very unhealthy. They aren't in your face hollering being demanding or saying get on the floor and give me 50, what they want is for you to do your best, push yourself, expect results, stick with it and become a healthier you. This is my third session of 10 weeks and each time TBP has stepped up and added to their program to make it a better program. The people I have met through this are all incredible and rooting for you. We all help each other out, just like family.

Rhonda Barta
Local Resident

We think the TRX is another great piece of equipment to have in our training quiver. Don't think of the TRX as a replacement for your current workouts, but rather another great tool in your training arsenal. Training with the TRX will expand your exercise choices and incorporate unique training movements that can really benefit your surf conditioning.

Scott Adams